About Voices of Change

Riksteatern’s ”Voices of Change” highlights the performing arts actors from around the world working for positive change through their showmanship and artistry. This fall presents the international project Iranian Voices, radio plays based on documentary stories from people in Iran. The whole thing was initiated by Riksteatern and a collaboration with the Swedish Radio and radio stations in Germany, Britain and Turkey. Ashtar Theatre guest appearances with ”48 minutes for Palestine”, a captivating drama about a woman and a man who also gives a strong picture of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Ashtar Theatre is a theater with a focus on children and women, the group operates in the occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank.

El General, is the 21-year-old Tunisian rapper who wrote the song Rais Lebled (President of the Republic), which was to become the Arab revolt anthem both in Tunisia and in Egypt. From being censored, shut out and imprisoned, he is now a famous and admired person. Recently, he released his first CD that had so far only been available on the web.

El General took part in a seminar and a concert on September 30, 2011 at Etablissemanget in cooporation with the cultural organisation Selam.

In 2012 new and more exciting projects that have not taken place yet are about to get formed…so keep an eye out here for new projects.